The Basics of Creating and Optimizing Social Media Press Release

Posted in Social Media by tiajones on June 19, 2008

Social Media Press Releases: Evolve Your PR Strategy

Social Media Press Releases are gaining popularity right now in the world of marketing. Suddenly, the basic PDF with the traditional information on it will no longer do the trick to get the attention you want for your message. So, what is a social media press release (SMR)? A social media press release takes the basic information provided by the familiar press release of the past and streamlines it adding media rich aspects such as audio, video, RSS feeds and tags and more to make your release come alive and appeal to a much wider audience.

Social Media, Social Media Press Release

The SMR was developed by Tom Foremski of the Silicon Valley Watcher blog, where he advocated for the death and burial of the traditional press release calling them useless. Then Todd Defren from Shift Communications developed a free template tool which allows users to build their own Social Media Release.

A Social Media Release simply presents all of the information a reporter would need all in one place so that they can more quickly pursue the story. Social media press releases utilize the popular online social media distribution tools like Digg, StumbleUpon and Technorati, and they also make good fodder for the search engines. These same features are also useful to consumers who are growing more comfortable with the social media format. They will appreciate finding all the information they need to do their research and make a buying decision all in one place.

A Social Media Release lets you maximize the effectiveness of all of your favorite social media outlets to gain more exposure and mindshare for your product. You can share your Flickr images, YouTube videos, and spread the word using Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.

You can start with the free above-mentioned template, to which you simply add your content, photos, a mp3 file or podcast links, and your RSS feed so that you can actually push your content; embed a video clip, and then add links to your favorite social bookmarking/tagging sites to gain more exposure. The template can be used as a guide to inspire your creativity, but you can add your own touches that will suit your particular audience and market. Another option is SimpleSMPR, a WordPress plug in that guides you through the process of creating, tagging and publishing your SMR.

You’ll want to be sure to include quotes from inside the company, from customers, links to news stories about your news and other points of reference. Since you will be distributing this electronically, you must include all of the relevant tags with your keywords so that it can be more easily found by the search engines.

So, ditch those ‘old school’ press releases and use the ‘new’, social media press release to gain wider exposure for your press releases.


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