5 Tips for Effective Keyword Research

Posted in Search Engine Optimization, Uncategorized by tiajones on July 30, 2008

Is your web site’s traffic counter not racking up as many visitors as you’d like? A good majority of the traffic that flows to your web site will come from search engines, so learning how to do even the most basic keyword research will help you to optimize your web site to attract more targeted traffic.

When people begin an online search they usually already have an idea in mind of what they are looking for. They will take the keywords and search terms that best describe the object of their desire and type them into their favorite search engine. Your mission in developing a keyword rich web site is to be able to provide the best answer to the question in the mind of your customer, by designing a site that uses the keywords that your potential customers are already searching for. Doing effective keyword research will help you to develop the most effective web site that draws lots of traffic.

There is a lot to learn about keyword research. In this article I will share some tips to help you to get started by providing you with free resources and easy techniques that you can put into action right away to start finding the keywords that will get you ranked in the search engines and boost your web site’s traffic.

Marketing on the Internet is very competitive. Web site owners need to find out what keywords their customers are already using to search for their products and services. Here are some questions you should ask yourself as you are compiling your list of keywords:

• Is this keyword relevant to my web site’s content?

• How much competition exists for this keyword?

• Are enough people doing searches using this word?

1. Use Keyword Research Tools

Type the words you have found into your favorite keyword research tool, which will reveal how many people are searching using that term each day on average.

Here are a few keyword selector tools to try:

• Wordtracker

• NicheBot

• Keyword Discovery (Trellian)

2. Find Related Keywords

Your brain and the brains of your business partners and friends will be the best free keyword research tools you can find. Get out a notepad and start by making a list of every related word to your niche. Next enlist your family and friends to help you find other search terms for your niche. Try to find different words and different ways to describe your product or service.

3. Uncover Related Hidden Niches

As you brainstorm and do research you will undoubtedly come up with some related niches that you can cover with your products and services.

4. Look at Your Competition

Examine the meta tags of your competitors web sites to discover what keywords they are using to draw traffic

5. Incorporate the New Keywords into Your Site

After you have edited your list down to include both broad and targeted keywords related to your niche, you will then want to insert them into your web site.

Keep in mind that your goal is to strike a balance in creating keyword rich content for you site. You want the copy to read naturally rather than forcing the words into your site. In addition to the meta keywords tags, you’ll want to add your keywords to the title tags, meta description tags and links.

As time goes by you will of course want to repeat this process as your products and services change as will the needs of your customers. Continue to monitor and measure the impact of your keywords and adjust them as necessary.


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