Social Media: The Top 10 Buzzwords

Posted in Social Media, Social Network by tiajones on September 18, 2008

Top 10 Social Media Buzzwords

Top 10 Social Media Buzzwords

Social Media is a trend that is here to stay!

This article will look at ten of the hottest social media sites and what each one has to offer to marketers. There are links to resources that will help you better explore each site and make the most of them. At this point, there are hundreds of social media/ social bookmarking web sites on the Internet. These are a few of the most talked about sites right now.

To get a basic overview of the concept behind the phenomenon of social media, watch this quick, entertaining video by Common Craft: Social Media in Plain English

1. Facebook:
After having reached the 100 million users mark recently, Facebook is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media sites on the Internet. No longer just a hangout for college students, Facebook’s demographic is rapidly changing and growing more popular with a much wider age range. Businesses are flocking to Facebook because of the ability to place ads targeted to their exact demographic. In today’s economy this is an economic way to get the most mileage out of every advertising dollar.

Facebook is a bit of a gated community, where users must sign up and complete a profile and agree to abide by a fairly strict, yet arbitrary set of terms and conditions for what they can and cannot do on Facebook. Here’s a site focused on the use of Facebook for business written by Mari Smith, who has been dubbed “the ‘Pied Piper of Facebook’ by Fast Company Magazine.

2. Twitter:
This wildly popular microblogging platform has become a virtual water cooler on the Internet where users from all over the world gather to share with the world the answer to the question, “What are you doing now?” in 140 characters or less. Users can send messages, or ‘tweets’ from the web site or from their mobile phones.

Businesses and CEO’s are discovering the power of Twitter. Read the Business Week article How Businesses Use Twitter to Bolster Their Brands and the CEO Twitter Report.

A whole bevy of applications have cropped up to support Twitter users, and here is the official Twitter list

3. YouTube:
This video sharing site has become so popular that it’s found its place in American culture. Anyone can shoot and upload a video and share it with the world. Some popular videos garner hundreds of thousands of views as they get shared ‘virally’ from friend to friend around the world. Because of its popularity, YouTube is also a great social media tool for attracting web site traffic by simply placing a web site link in each video posted.

Here’s a link to a free eBook that teaches users how to become ‘YouTube famous

4. Flickr
Flickr is a social media site used to host and share photos online. Users tag each picture with keywords that describe and categorize it, and share their photos with friends and family – or the whole world. Users can publish pictures that they shoot on the road using their mobile phones right to the web. Here’s a useful guide to learning flickr tips

5. Delicious
Delicious is an online social bookmark manager. Users bookmark their favorite web sites on, and share their collection of bookmarks with the public. Each bookmark is tagged so that users can search for specific keywords and find sites that others have visited and recommended.

This YouTube video is an overview of how works and contains a few useful do’s and don’ts for this online community:

6. Digg:
Digg is a news sharing site where users post news stories, articles and videos and then other users vote or ‘Digg’ those items if they like them, or they vote or ‘digg’ to bury items they don’t like.

Digg has a bit of a complicated community structure, and items gain or lose popularity based on the sometimes fickle opinions of the site’s most active users.

This guide contains tips on how to navigate on Digg and avoid the almost inevitable faux pas that newbie’s can easily commit there.

7. FriendFeed
FriendFeed is a social media aggregator, or a lifestreaming app which allows users to collect all of their social media accounts and keep them all in one place at one URL. So, instead of having links on your blog to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, your Twitter page, etc. They can link to their FriendFeed page, which will display all of their social media activities.

This YouTube video explains how to get started using FriendFeed:

8. LinkedIn:
Linked In is a professional networking social media site. A properly filled-out LinkedIn profile breathes life into your resume and allows prospective employers to look not only at your capabilities and experience, but also at the number and caliber of your connections. Job seekers can also use LinkedIn to check up on companies that they are interviewing with so that they can be prepared with good questions in the interview.

This article by Guy Kawasaki contains useful tips on using LinkedIn

9. BlogTalkRadio:
BlogTalkRadio is a social media site, which provides a platform for bloggers who want to become podcasters. There is no software to download, and they provide the network, storage and feed. All the user has to do is produce content and attract an audience of listeners.

This blog shows how incredibly simple it is to start a free podcast on Blogtalkradio:

10. GoogleGroups:
With GoogleGroups users can start an interest group for free or join an existing group that shares a particular interest. Users can have discussions online or by using email, they can create custom web pages where they can share information about their group’s activities, and groups can be designated as open to the public, or private and by invitation only.

Those searching for a group can find groups by topic, geographic region, by the number of members or the number of messages per month, by language, and by the number of days since the last post to that group. Take a tour of Google Groups


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